It has been some time since we have said anything on our Altitude blog, but as the holiday season is in full swing, we felt it appropriate to share our thoughts and feelings of looking forward to 2021.

2020 has brought tremendous challenge, obstacle, grief, confusion, pain, frustration and fear. We can’t sugar coat it. We as a staff have felt all those emotions just like many of you throughout this year. Frustration that we can’t plan in-person events for the youth, confusion on how to address the ever changing restrictions across the 19 counties we serve, financial hardship, membership woes, grief of losing loved ones and the pain of not interacting with our wonderful volunteers face-to-face.

However, through all the frustration, challenges and confusion, you and I, we have endured. We have overcome. Through simple acts of service in our communities, virtual unit meetings, virtual boards of review, Scouting At Home activities, the Altitude Club subscription, opening summer camp and much more. The way we run Scouting has changed, but Scouting and what it stands for hasn’t.

We don’t know what 2021 has in store for us all and yes, Scouting is going through a plethora of changes and we won’t know what it will look like until the dust settles, but I am hopeful. I look at my 2 young kids and see hope, I see energy, I see a rising generation who needs values like the Scout Oath and Law. Hope comes from action. So my challenge to each of you is to decide to decide. Yes, you read that right, DECIDE TO DECIDE. Whatever that means to you, I implore you to decide how you look forward to 2021.

I am grateful to be here in the Rocky Mountain Council. I am even grateful for the trials and challenges we’ve all faced this year because without challenges, we never learn and grow. Have a happy holiday season and God bless.

– Travis Emery

Download and view our newest announcement about summer camps and other important changes. 


As it has been a VERY busy week across the Rocky Mountain Council, we could not be more pleased to have had Terry L. Fossum highlight our Investment in Character luncheon at the Olde Towne Carriage House on March 11. If you didn’t come, you DEFINITELY missed out!

The program attendance included many of the Rocky Mountain Council, BSA faithful, its youth and new community faces. Terry Fossum grew up in one of the poorest cities in America in a precarious environment with constant negativity. As he told his incredible story of triumph and success because of the Scouting program, our audience now has a stronger fire burning inside of them to want to do more and do better to help our youth become the best they can be.

For highlighting our luncheon, the Rocky Mountain Council, BSA gifted Terry a 100 year celebration shirt and a shadow box that contains many of our 100 year anniversary memorabilia items.


On March 7, Cub Scouts from around the Rocky Mountain Council came together to show off and race their prized Pinewood Derby cars. Each Scout had spent many hours in preparation for this exciting event.

Volunteers from the Rocky Mountain Council prep cars for their heat.

The day begin with our friends from Pack and Troop 27 setting up the facility. Soon after, the participants began to arrive with their families and friends.

Each Cub Scout had to go through a check in process where the cars were weighed and measured to ensure they met the specifications allowed for the race. They were assigned a number that allowed the event hosts to better track who was who.

Once everyone checked in and dropped their cars at the Pit, the races began!

Cars race across the finish line.

There were an impressive number of designs with each of the cars. Dragons, American flags, and rulers all raced down the track. And sometimes there were multiples of a design; for example we had a couple of Batmobiles.

All our participants
Best Scout spirit and sportsmanship!
Our top 8 finishers!

We are excited to enter the 21st century (finally) and excited for you to join us! http://www.rockymountainscouts.org is the new website for the Rocky Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America! As we celebrate 100 years of Scouting adventures in southern Colorado, new and important changes will be happening throughout the year, including a new website! Our new website offers a seamless and colorful experience for users to help them easily and navigate for the information they need. The website is mobile friendly and offers a 2-click donation page that does NOT require a username and password! Units and individuals can browse and download up-to-date information to plan their upcoming adventures. And be sure to sign-up for our monthly newsletter and follow our new blog #AdventureAtAltitude for stories from around the council. Launching this new website is just one of the many stunning steps we are taking to celebrate 100 years of Scouting in the Rocky Mountain Council! We are looking forward to next 100 years! – RMC staff

These Cub Scouts are learning all about Scouts BSA.

The Rock Mountain Council is proud to introduce Terry Fossum, guest speaker at this year’s Investment in Character Luncheon. Terry’s life is fascinating as he began by growing up in the poorest community in the United States. But it was thanks to Scouting that he overcame his station to become a successful businessman, and more.