Join us for our Halloween Trunk-or-Treat

Great Family Fun!

Join us on Halloween for an outdoor trunk-or-treat event at the Estes Scout Service Center in Pueblo. This free event is open to families with children of all ages. Children will be able to dress up and visit many different ‘booths’ to collect treats and goodies from local Scout groups as well as community organizations.


In the current climate where we are battling a pandemic in our community, we recognize the importance of placing precautionary measures in place to protect all who choose to participate in this outdoor activity. This is why we will be putting into place preventative measures to protect those who attend:

  • All participants will be required to where a clothe face covering for the entire time they are at the event. (This includes those running booths.)
  • Preregistration so that in case someone tests positive for COVID-19, all who attended can be contacted.
  • Check-in process where temperatures will be taken, and symptoms will be checked.
  • Established activity area to prevent those who have not been screened from entering.
  • A single direction of traffic.
  • When handing out treats, those with booths will take measures to help protect participants such as only touching treats & goodies with a gloved hand, placing individual serving sizes of treats & goodies on a table top for participants to grab themselves without touching other servings, and other procedures as deemed necessary.
Estes Scout Service Center

Community Groups and Scout Units

Request to Register

Groups interested in participating in the Boy Scouts of America Trunk-or-Treat must submit a request to register. Upon approval you will receive an email providing you with additional details regarding the event. If you have additional questions, please contact Samuel Ahlstrom. All accepted groups will be required to provide their own treats for the event. Groups may hand out flyers and other promotional materials if they choose to do so.

Group Contact Information

This information will be used to stay in contact with your group leading up to the event as well as any follow up that is required within 30 days of the end of the event.