Investment in Character

Investment in Character (formerly known as Friends of Scouting) donations provide critical funding that the Rocky Mountain Council needs to support all youth programs along with other essential functions including:

  • Volunteer and Staff Training: Ensures the highest quality and most up to date information that is passed on to youth for a quality program
  • Insurance Coverage: Protects volunteers, chartered organizations, staff members and properties
  • Support Staff : Registration, publications and other program support including Scoutreach coordinators
  • Camp: Tents, cooking equipment, camp vehicles, building repairs, essential program supplies, promotion/advertising, equipment replacement and repair, and general maintenance of council camps
  • Recognition for Volunteers: To recognize leaders who have gone above and beyond for completing training, special projects and other influential Scouting roles
  • Professional Staff : Who work harmoniously with volunteers to organize new Scouting units, manage fundraising programs, conduct training, assist membership recruitment, provide counsel and direct support for district, camps and programs
  • Administrative Needs: Postage, computers, BSA registration access, office supplies, audio-visual equipment, and other essential office needs
  • Estes Scout Service Center: provides a central location of support for volunteers and youth
  • A Local Scouting Website: To provide information to the general public
  • Reference Publications: Program planning guides, fundraising guides and other helpful resources
  • Scholarships: To assist underprivileged youth with essential items including uniforms, registration fees and summer camp fees