Planned Giving

The Scouting Heritage Society of the Rocky Mountain Council recognizes the men and women who believe in preserving the tradition and values of Scouting as well as perpetuating its future for generations to come. The following items encompass the Scouting Heritage Society.

Second Century Society

The Second Century award is given to donors who make an outright gift of $25,000 or more payable over five years, or a deferred gift of $100,000 or more, to a local council, BSA Foundation, high-adventure base or any BSA entity for operating, capital or endowment. These gifts may be in the form of cash, securities, land, five-year pledges, or other property suitable for a council endowment fund or easily converted to cash.

President’s Leadership Council

The Presidents Leadership Council recognizes
gifts of $1,000,000 or more designated to or
through the BSA Foundation payable over five
years, as part of an advised fund, designated
fund, trust or other Foundation fund structure.
Gifts may be designated to benefit local

For more information or to plan your gift by contacting Travis Emery at travis.emery@scouting.org

Heritage Society Social

Join us at our annual Heritage Society Social. A special event for members of the Rocky Mountain Council’s Heritage Society and those interested in learning more about how they can impact the future of Scouting and our youth. ​

*Check the calendar for details.