Scouting at Home

Scouting Safely for Rocky Mountain Council Units

Units are encouraged to continue Scouting where possible. Units must review local county and city guidelines prior to planning an in-person activity. We understand that virtual activities are not as fulfilling as in-person activities; we highly recommend any planning take place virtually and, when possible, activities take place in-person following local guidelines.

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, the Rocky Mountain Council created a Facebook Group called Scouting at Home. This is a place for Scouts to come together to have a productive quarantine experience.

Throughout the process we will have merit badge counselors providing online lectures that will allow Scouts to continue to work on their Scouting trail.

Safety is our #1 priority as we continue Scouting online, so please review the BSA Digital Safety Guidelines!  

This page will be updated with new material, so check back OFTEN!

Cub Scouting

STEM/NOVA General Information

STEM/NOVA Activities

Google Classroom STEM/NOVA Activities (Accessible with a code)

Visit www.classroom.google.com, sign in or create an account and copy and paste the code next to the adventure you want to start and begin!

SUPER NOVA (Webelos) Dr Charles Townes: x33jbqm
SUPER NOVA (Wolf/Bear) Dr Luis Alvarez: chnf4my
NOVA Out of This World: btaq2m6
NOVA Wild!: avdkc74
NOVA Uncovering the Past: jxmt4o4
NOVA Science Everywhere: ahmvn2g
NOVA Down and Dirty: 2bpotdp
NOVA Tech Talk: iiustis
NOVA Cubs Can Code: nrqjxd3
NOVA Swing!: etrml5q
NOVA Up and Away: ksuqvd4
NOVA 1-2-3 Go!: qegyttj
NOVA Fearful Symmetry: ttftkj7
Emergency Preparedness: ve36mvq
Cyber Chip: wijnrzw

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Merit Badge Request Form
Are you interested in working on a merit badge from home during this quarantine? Are you a merit badge counselor who is able to teach Scouts online during this difficult time? Let us know by filling out the submission form below.
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Merit Badge Work Submission
To complete some of our online merit badges, you will be required to submit work online. Please use the form below to do so.
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2Work Submission

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