Cub Scouts race to the finish line

On March 7, Cub Scouts from around the Rocky Mountain Council came together to show off and race their prized Pinewood Derby cars. Each Scout had spent many hours in preparation for this exciting event.

Volunteers from the Rocky Mountain Council prep cars for their heat.

The day begin with our friends from Pack and Troop 27 setting up the facility. Soon after, the participants began to arrive with their families and friends.

Each Cub Scout had to go through a check in process where the cars were weighed and measured to ensure they met the specifications allowed for the race. They were assigned a number that allowed the event hosts to better track who was who.

Once everyone checked in and dropped their cars at the Pit, the races began!

Cars race across the finish line.

There were an impressive number of designs with each of the cars. Dragons, American flags, and rulers all raced down the track. And sometimes there were multiples of a design; for example we had a couple of Batmobiles.

All our participants
Best Scout spirit and sportsmanship!
Our top 8 finishers!