Forms & Resources

The Scout Motto is ‘Be Prepared’. This page is intended to provide you with all the necessary information to arrive at camp prepared. 

If you feel something is missing from this page, please let us know.

Note: These documents may change between now and camp. Dates of when the documented was last updated are included adjacent to the document name as well as in the document itself.


Leader Guide

Will be available November 2021

Begin here with our leader guide which will take you through our program areas, available activities, our weekly schedule, and more! So be sure to take a look at is as soon as possible.

Awards at Camp

We offer a variety of activities that provide awards at camp through hard work, service, and by leading by example.

Camp Map

Update 05/26/2021

Take a look at where our areas are located, campsites, as well as various facilities at camp.


Will be available February 2022

Check out our delicious menu for 2022! We pride ourselves on providing quality meals that not only fill your stomach but satisfy your tastebuds. 

Sample Packing List

Updated 12/29/2020

Give a copy of this packing list to each person planning to attend camp so that they can come prepared with the basics of what they will need to have a great and comfortable experience this summer.

Unit Camp Form Tracker

Updated 1/26/2021

This document will help you and your unit ensure that all forms have been collected in order for you to be able to attend camp. Be sure to print it out and send it in along with all of the forms listed.


Medical Forms

Colorado Camps Medical Forms Guide

Will be available November 2021

Because of the laws in the Colorado, our camps are considered childcare facilities. In order to comply with all state regulations, we do things a little different than other camps around the country. The guide linked above will give a complete explanation of how and what you must do to comply with state and local laws.

Annual Health & Medical Record

Updated 12/31/2019

Parts A, B, & C are required for all youth & adults attending camp, regardless of how long they intend to spend at camp.

Do not fill out this form until you have completely reviewed the Colorado Camps Medical Forms Guide. Because our camp is considered a childcare facility, this document must be filled out in a specific way. Not filling out this form correctly may void registration for that individual if correction(s) cannot be made prior to camp.

Colorado Medical Record Addendum

Updated 8/28/2020

Required for all youth participants.

This form is required by the state of Colorado. Take note of the several signatures required by a physician.

NOTE: The Colorado does not allow chiropractors to sign off on any medical documents for camp.

Emergency Contact, Sunscreen Permission

Updated 8/28/2020

Required for all youth participants.

If a Scout brings their own sunscreen, they must have their first and last name written on the container. Any containers found without a first and last name written on it will be thrown away.

Permission for Medication Administration

Updated 8/28/2020

Required for all youth who will have prescription AND/OR over-the-counter medications (including vitamins).

Youth are not allowed to keep any medication on their person while at camp. This includes but is not limited to over the counter medications such as ibuprofen, Tylenol, vitamins, essential oils, etc. If you or a parent has questions about what requires this form, please call us.

Dietary Restrictions

Will be updated February 2022

For individuals who have allergies or dietary restrictions. Please fill this form out completely and submit along with your other medical forms. This will give us a heads up as to how to handle special meals, especially when it comes to ordering.

If this document does not arrive a minimum of 14 days prior to the first day of your camp session, substitutions may not be available for meals.


Program Information

Weekly Schedule

Will be updated September 2021

Wanting to see how to best use your time at camp by planning in advance? Check out our weekly schedule for this upcoming summer.

Merit Badge Schedule

Will be updated September 2021

Take a quick look at all the adventures and merit badges offered at camp this upcoming summer.

Scout Schedule Planner

Will be updated November 2021

Use this document to give Scouts the ability to plan out their week at summer camp.

Merit Badge Pre & Post-requisites

Will be updated January 2022

Some merit badges require activities to be done at home or with a parent / guardian. This list will give a full look at everything that must be completed outside of camp to be able to fully finish a merit badge.

Note: This document lists prerequisites and post-requisites. While it would be in the best interest of the Scout to complete prerequisites prior to coming to camp, they can still complete them at home after camp.

How to Register for Merit Badges & Activities

Updated 3/17/2021

Beginning April 1st at 9AM MDT, your unit will be able to access activity and merit badge registration. Before this date, though, you will want to watch this video, practice logging into your account, and accessing your unit’s camp registration.

If you need assistance connecting your account with your unit, please call our office.