Welcome to RockyMountainScouts.org

We are excited to enter the 21st century (finally) and excited for you to join us! http://www.rockymountainscouts.org is the new website for the Rocky Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America! As we celebrate 100 years of Scouting adventures in southern Colorado, new and important changes will be happening throughout the year, including a new website! Our new website offers a seamless and colorful experience for users to help them easily and navigate for the information they need. The website is mobile friendly and offers a 2-click donation page that does NOT require a username and password! Units and individuals can browse and download up-to-date information to plan their upcoming adventures. And be sure to sign-up for our monthly newsletter and follow our new blog #AdventureAtAltitude for stories from around the council. Launching this new website is just one of the many stunning steps we are taking to celebrate 100 years of Scouting in the Rocky Mountain Council! We are looking forward to next 100 years! – RMC staff